Bootstrapping: 10 Tips

By Martin on .

Bootstrapping, in the context of entrepreneurship, means starting a business without external investors.

Harfang Apps is such a company. It is a few months old and Regis, its first app has been available for just a few weeks as of this writing. It follows that this is not a success story type of article (nor is it a failure one!) - it is too early to make such a judgement call. Instead, this is a recollection of tips, pitfalls, decisions, educated guesses and mistakes that were made along the way.

Launching Regis

By Martin on .

It is with much trepidation and excitement that I announce the launch on the Mac App Store of Regis, a drastically different Redis Graphical User Interface (GUI).

How is it drastically different? Well, if you’ve looked at existing database GUIs - and Redis GUIs specifically - many seem to feel like it is their duty to provide as many widgets as possible, maybe as a way to justify the GUI approach.

Regis’ philosophy is different. Drastically different, dare I say.